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Abalone Yusheng (New Zealand)

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Yu Sheng is a traditional delicacy consumed during the Chinese New Year. It is enjoyed with the tossing of multi-coloured condiments and vegetables. This tossing action, popularly known as "Lo Hei", is believed to bring forth good fortune and good luck. Abalone, in Chinese, sounds very much like "sure win". A marriage between Yu Sheng and Abalone would be an ideal dish for any auspicious occasion. New Moon has taken a step further in improving this dish by adding our renowned abalone in sliced form to the Yu Sheng.

Some optional ingredients you may include to enhance this dish:
White Radish, Green Radish, carrot, Lime Juice, Salt and Pepper (to taste)

Tradional way of preparing this dish:
1. Shred radish and carrot and soak in ice water for an hour.
2. Remove and twist dry with towel.
3. Place shredded vegetables at the center of a big plate and all other preserved vegetable strips around it.
4. Drain off brine from can before placing New Moon Abalone Slices on top of the shredded vegetables.
5. Sprinkle the following condiments on top of the New Moon Abalone Slices and shredded vegetables - pepper powder, cinnamon powder, Yu Sheng sauce, sugar, salt and lime juice.
6. Top off the Yu Sheng with mashed peanuts, fried sesame and Pok Chui crackers.
7. New Moon Abalone Yu Sheng is now ready for "Lo Hei". Serve and enjoy! 

Abalone Slices (New Zealand), Yu Sheng Sauce, Pok Chui Crackers, Preserved Melon Strips, Preserved Cucumber Strips, White Sour Ginger Strips, Red Sweetened Ginger Strips, Sweetened Lime Strips, Preserved Gourd Wax Strips, Mashed Peanuts, Fried Sesame, Pepper Powder, Cinnamon Powder

Store in a cool, dry place

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